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School Operational Guidance from September 2021



I hope that you had a good summer break.


We are aiming to be operating as normally as possible when we open on Friday, September  3rd.  However, Covid safety measures will be in place to keep everyone safe.


Morning drop Off

• If pupils are using the Breakfast Club then they must enter through the Hall and go to class as normal.

• If pupils are arriving after 8.40 am then they must enter through the yard and go straight to class.


Picking up at the end of the school day at 3.10 pm

• We will be sending pupils out class by class in order to maintain social distancing in the corridor

• Parents are allowed onto the yard to pick up their children but need to maintain social distance from each other and must leave when they have received their child/children.

• We are striving to achieve a steady flow of parents leaving with their child/children

• Children are expected to remain with their parents whilst waiting for a sibling and not wander off to play on the yard or field.


 I would also like to remind you of the key messages that I sent to you at the end of July:


1.The Class Bubble system will no longer exist- if a member in a class tests positive for Covid 19-then it is no longer automatic that everyone will have to self-isolate. It will be up to Test and Trace to decide on close contacts of the individual concerned and to make the decision on who will need to self-isolate. The individual who has tested positive will need to isolate.


2.Face coverings will no longer be mandatory in school , this means that it is a personal choice for both staff and adults visiting the school . It is recommended that visitors to the school site wear a face covering.


3. Staggered start and end times- are no longer allowed. The school will start at its normal time of 8.50 am and will end at 3.10 pm. Nursery will start at 12.40 pm.


The current guidance from The Welsh Government is for the established practices that have been put in place to keep everyone safe continues in September and therefore the school will continue to operate in a Covid secure way. This means that visitors inside the school are kept to a minimum. 


There will be an emphasis once again on hands, face, space. Pupils will need to continue with good hygiene practices such as washing and sanitizing their hands. There will be a focus on social distancing as well whilst inside the building.


Classes will  revert to having a  Foundation Phase Break and a Key Stage 2 break when they return and lunch times will revert to  normal  where pupils will have their meal in the Hall . Classes will continue to have a designated Outdoor and PE day and children will need to come to school wearing their kit.


Pupils will need to bring a bottle of water with them to school. Do NOT bring glass bottles to school for obvious reasons.


Pupils will be provided with the necessary stationary etc and do not need to bring anything like this with them to school .


I would like to clarify that If pupils or a household member has Covid 19 symptoms then a PCR test will need to be booked. 


Many thanks for your support on this matter.


Yours sincerely,


Gareth M. Roberts