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Additional Learning Needs


As soon as a class teacher or parent feels that a child shows signs of having learning difficulties the ALNCOis informed.  Discussions between parents and teachers will take place in the first instance, and monitoring the progress made in accordance with the Code of Practice will also be in place. Universal support and interventions will be planned to meet the needs of the child.


The children are assessed to find their specific difficulty and the class teacher  plan a programme of work for each child, at this time this will be captured on a class provision map and not on an individual basis. This will be referred to as universal support. The child may receive further support on a withdrawal basis where they spend some time in either a small group situation or as individuals with our TAs. We are also able to request the services provided by the outside agencies listed below if appropriate.


If it is felt that the children have significant ALN, parents, class teacher or the ALNCO may suggest consideration for an IDP ( Individual Education Plan). Further information about this consideration is available to read in the link to the ALN code beow. An IDP may be created is created with input from all adults in school, parents and the child and it is uaually reviewed annually.




ALNCO- Additional Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs Leanne Thomas

Interventions and Forest Friends nurture - Mrs Wendy Griffiths

Each class provides interventions needed within the class setting as a part of our universal offer, this is done so by the class TA/teacher.




Whole staff


Restoratative Practice


Drawing and Talking trained- Mrs Wendy Griffiths and Miss Ceri Richards

Postgraduate certificate in Attachment and Trauma- Mrs Leanne Thomas and Miss Lindsey Brown

Postgraduate certificate in Attachment and Trauma- Leanne Thomas and Lindsey Brown

ELKLAN Autism training to support Verbal children- Level 3- Leanne Thomas

Supporting children with Down's Syndrome (Downs Society London)- Leanne Thomas

Emotional Coaching, Ed Psych service - Leanne Thomas

Circle solutions- Sue Rothey Ed Psych Service-Leanne Thomas

PCP Practice Training- Leanne Thomas/ All staff


Outside agencies that support school

Educational Psychology

Nurture support Team based at Plas Derw

SALT ( Speech and Language Team)

CLASS ( INtensive language support)

Learner advisor for Autism


Code of practice for Wales


NQA Healthy Schools Report