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Learning Journeys


Learning Journeys


Your child's Learning Journey book celebrates his/her experiences.
Over time it will tell a story about your child - his/her learning, friends and the activities he or she enjoys sharing with others.

Staff watch and notice each child at play because it helps us to understand and support their individual well-being and development. We really get to know the children as unique individuals with their own special skills, interests and ideas. The more we understand about your child, the better we can support them in the way that is right for them.

We welcome you talking with your child about the book and you are more than welcome to come in and see it anytime. You and your child can also take the book to any other settings or important people to share or add to.

Please feel free to join us in watching out for and noting new things. So much happens so quickly!

When you tell us about your child a clearer picture unfolds and we can plan more effectively ways in which to move their learning forward.

We will regularly look through the book with your child to remind us of happy times, providing a starting point for talk about shared memories.

Though it is kept here at preschool, it belongs to you and your child.


The Learning Journey profile book will include:


• Photographs- These capture moments and sequences of your child's activities, their interests and explorations. You can add some of your own from home. Sometimes we will write down

exactly what your child says about the photographs, so we know your child's point of view.

This is also an accurate record of language development.


• Observations- These are quick notes of significant moments we notice in your child's learning.

• Evidence of learning-These could be photos of models, photos of their role-play, marks they have made or paintings, with an observation to explain what your child said or did.

• Building a picture. These special detailed observations give snapshots of learning that the children have initiated themselves, and adults go on to think about the learning and how to respond specifically and plan next steps to further the child's way of thinking and doing things. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask myself or another member of staff.