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How can I make it dissolve quicker?

After a scientific exploration, the children realised that they could effect the amount of time it took for a material to dissolve. It was realised that stirring a material would increase the rate at which it dissolved. Pupils also wondered;
1. would fizzy water increase the rate of dissolving?
2. we usually have sugar in tea so would the temperature of the water effect the rate of dissolving?
3. One last group of children wondered if they put in more or less sugar would the amount of time taken to dissolve change.

There was only one way to find out....INVESTIGATE!

We found that stiring most certainly did make the sugar dissolve quicker, as did a smaller amount of sugar. Fizzy water helped the sugar to dissolve quicker as did a higher temperature of water.

One more interesting fact was discovered. If we put in TOO much sugar it would stop dissolving. This is called saturation. There is a point when the water becomes "FULL" and won't allow any more sugar to dissolve.
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