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Each child will be given a home/preschool book. Each week I will put in a newsletter of what we have been doing or it may be a painting or a piece of work. The book is then sent home to you on your child's last day each week in preschool for you to share with your child.
We would appreciate it if you could then complete just ONE page in the book with an activity that you have done at home over the weekend and return it on your child's first day back the following week.
PLEASE make sure the book comes back so your child can share their experiences from home with the staff and their friends in preschool. I have found that children look forward to the activity and it really helps us to get to know your child and their interests outside of preschool.
This book can also promote sharing, turn taking and conversation.



Ideas of what you could put in your child's home/preschool book:


  • Leaves/twigs collected on a walk
  • Photographs of an event you have been to
  • Tickets from the cinema/journey
  • Shells from the beach
  • Leaflets from places visited
  • Markmaking
  • Explanation of a club that your child attends (football, dancing, horse riding etc)
  • Pictures of family members (drawn or photograph)
  • Certificates they have received e.g. swimming
  • Visits to family/friends
  • Special occasions (parties)


We want this book to be a special reminder of your child's time here at Tiny Tots that you can keep and treasure for years to come. Please help us to look after it.


Mandy Meredith

Preschool Manager