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This page is where you'll find the information that you'll need if your child attends/wants to attend our club.

A Brief History...

Halkyn Mountain Kids Club is a happy and well established out of school provision within Ysgol Rhos Helyg. We strive to keep your children happy and safe during their stay with us in club and over the past few years the club has grown substantially which we believe speaks volumes as to how the staff run the club. 

The children are given a voice at our club and are regularly asked what they want to see or do in their club. We believe that this is what makes us a great club as the children feel that they are part of our team and that their input is valued and helps them to feel happy during their stay.

Our club is a "not for profit" business, and this means that our only means of income is parents fees. We strive to keep our fees as low as possible for parents and fees rarely increase helping us to be affordable but at the same time able to update resources, staff, toys and equipment needed to keep the children happy and safe.

Fee information

The club's fee structure is very simple:

1 child attending after school club:

3.10pm - 4.20pm = £5.50

3.10pm - 5.30pm = £8.50

5.30pm - 5.40pm = £1.00

(this is the fee if your child isn't picked up by 5.30pm) a 10% discount will be given for the first sibling then a 5% discount for every sibling thereafter


Holiday Club Fees

8.00am - 5.20pm = £25.00 per child

8.00am - 1.00pm = £16.00 per child

1.00pm - 5.20pm = £16.00 per child

Each child is provided with breakfast and a healthy afternoon snack but parents must provide a packed lunch for dinner.
If you would like to sign up for any of these clubs please download the relevant registration forms from the home page

Payment of fees

As previously mentioned, we are not for profit so the fees that parents pay covers the clubs costs, for example rent, snack, staff wages and cleaning products.


For non-regular attendance we expect payment up front. You can pay via the ParentPay website, online banking, cheque or cash. (due to security reasons we only accept cash if your child is in club for less than a week) 

For regular attendance we expect pre-payment at a month in advance to cover staff provision and club amenities such as snack. Again, you can pay via ParentPay, online banking , childcare vouchers or cheque. We do not accept cash.


The club offers a healthy snack option, which includes fruit and a drink which changes weekly. This is in support of Ysgol Rhos Helyg Schools Healthy Schools scheme. We also try exotic fruits such as passion fruit, pineapple and star fruit to incorporate new snack ideas for children.
Full participation during snack-time is encouraged! Children sit together and eat together with staff at snack-time - this is a social time and important for young children's social and emotional development!